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Forum Rules
Graphicalyzer General Rules
The Forum is only available to registered Forum Users (“Users”) who can be Monitoring Officers, Deputy Monitoring Officers or members of standards committees. The Forum is provided as a place for Users to report information, seek advice and share ideas about the ethical framework. These Rules have been put in place to help ensure that the Forum is a welcoming and useful resource for everyone that participates.
As in a real community, Users are asked to respect other users and their rights. In addition standards committee members are reminded that they will be acting in their official capacity and must abide by the Code of Conduct 2007 whenever they access and / or use the Forum. .
The Rules outline what is deemed unacceptable behavior and it is important to read them carefully.

 Do not use profanities, bad language and offensive nicknames.
 Do not post content which is discriminatory whether racist, sexist, homophobic, pornographic, or otherwise offensive.
 Do not post a personal insult about another User.
 Do not post any content that is deliberately intended to upset or harass other Users.
 Do not post libellous or defamatory comments.
 Do not post anything identifying specific facts, including information that may identify complainants, subject members or other parties, about any ongoing or pending Code of Conduct complaint, investigation or hearing.
 Do not post content that might in any way breach the confidence of another individual. For example, an email received from an individual cannot be posted on the forum without first obtaining that individual’s consent.
 Do not post content containing another person’s personal information (including their name, home address, job title, telephone number or other contact details) without first obtaining the relevant person’s consent.
 Do not post content which you have copied from someone else (i.e. you do not own the copyright/permission)!
 Do not impersonate any person!
 Do not collect or store personal data about other Users!
 Do not advertise or solicit!
 Do not post/link or discuss illegal activities, transactions, or websites such as warez, cracks, etc. will be removed. This includes the posting of information that you have obtained illegall!
 Do not link to other sites or products for advertising purposes, or otherwise use the Forum to generate personal business from other Users!
 Do not link to sites that contain any form of pornography, swearing or items otherwise deemed inappropriate!
 Do not register with multiple user names or accounts!
 Do not post rubbish!
 Do not reply with only smilies!
 Do not copy/paste replies from other members or copy/paste the same reply over and over again!

We cannot and do not review every post before it appears on the Forum nor do we monitor the conduct of every User. We will access the Forum from time to time in order to help ensure that Users are adhering to the Policy. We operate a ’notice and take-down’ policy which means if we notice or are made aware of a post that contravenes these Rules, we reserve the right to amend or remove the post at our discretion. We may also at any time, and without prior or post warning, close threads on the Forum as we consider appropriate.

Removing Content, Post or Thread
If you break any of the Rules or are found to be abusing the Forum by posting comments we believe to be rude, deliberately antagonising or disruptive, or a personal attack, inappropriate or otherwise unacceptable then we reserve the right to give you a warning or terminate your membership immediately.
We do not wish to censor or control your opinions, but we will ensure these Rules are respected. To this end, you agree that, if asked, you will submit to the requests of the Forum Moderator. The Forum Moderator’s decision is final.
We encourage you to contact us if you feel a post violates these Rules.
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

 I have read, and agree to abide by the Graphicalyzer-Custom Designs and Graphics rules.  

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